Be The Good Partnership Initiatives

Collaboration is at the heart of our mission at Be The Good. We welcome like-minded organizations, charities, and projects to partner with us in bringing positive change to communities in need. Whether through joint initiatives, media collaborations, or project submissions, we’re eager to work together for a brighter future.

Mining Narrative Art Initiative

MINROM is partnering with local South African artists in a 12-month Mining Narrative art initiative that honours the lives of women, children, and men in the mining community. This initiative seeks to support local artists and empower children in need.

“We believe that art has the ability to transcend boundaries and ignite meaningful change.”

  • Each of the 12 collection pieces features for a month in the Skyways (Airlink Magazine), our African inflight partner. The campaign is visible on and on social media.
  • All of the art pieces will be auctioned in 2025 at a gala mining event and proceeds will go to children in need and early childhood development (ECD) programmes.

Anna Me – Handmade

We are incredibly grateful for the generous donation from Anna Me Handmade.

Anna Me Handmade has kindly contributed pencil bags, chair bags, and stationery to support our mission of empowering education. Their beautifully crafted items not only provide practical solutions for students but also add a touch of creativity and joy to their learning experience.

With Anna Me Handmade’s support, we can ensure that every child has access to the essential tools they need to succeed in school.

Colgate – Bright Smiles Bright Future

We are thrilled to have received the generous contribution from Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Future (BSBF).

Through their commitment to oral health education and awareness, BSBF has donated toothpaste and brushes to support our mission of promoting health and well-being in our community.

With their support, we can ensure that individuals have access to essential dental hygiene items, helping to brighten smiles and improve overall oral health.

Interstat Stationery

Their contribution of pencils, pens, and stationery is invaluable in supporting our mission to empower education and provide essential resources to students in need.

With Interstat Stationery Cape Town’s support, we can ensure that every child has access to the tools they need to succeed in their academic journey.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Interstat Stationery Cape Town for their commitment to making a positive impact in our community.

Spectra Stationers

Behold the generosity of Spectra Stationers, illuminating the path of education with their thoughtful contribution.

Their donation of stationery is akin to a brushstroke of kindness, painting a brighter future for students in need.

With Spectra Stationers’ support, we equip young minds with the tools to craft their own success stories, one pencil stroke at a time.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Spectra Stationers for their unwavering commitment to nurturing the seeds of knowledge in our community

OK Minimark – Onrus

Let’s applaud the generosity of Willem and Esmarie Joubert from OK Minimark Onrus, whose kindness knows no bounds.

Their thoughtful contribution of starter packs for each class is a beacon of hope for students embarking on their educational journey.

With their support, we ensure that every classroom is equipped with the essentials for learning and growth.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Willem and Esmarie Joubert for their dedication to fostering a brighter future for our youth.